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Backdating unemployment

As long as you provide accurate information and do not create a fraudulent claim, the worst thing that can happen is a denial of your claim.Opening an initial claim requires you to fill out a form online, over the phone, or to return or fax paper documentation of your income from work to your state's unemployment office.If you meet eligibility requirements, any retroactive unemployment money due to you will be automatically sent to you or deposited into your account.Andie Sterling has been employed as a writer, editor, and proofreader since 2003, and worked freelance as well.After I was approved I put in a request to backdate my application from when I quit.They called me to interview me regarding why I filed late.If your state's records contain the correct information for you, you need not do anything other than file your claims each week.

Your claim begins the week that you initially file, so even if you have doubts about your eligibility, file a claim.

If the claimant presents evidence of any of the following conditions the claimant is entitled to :1) acceptance of claims at the UC office is suspended because of excessive filings; 2) the method of filing is unavailable on the last day of timely filing; 3) the UC office fails to accept the filing in error; 4) the claimant makes reasonable good faith efforts to file and through no fault of their own the claimant is unable to timely file the claim; or 5) the claimant has an immediate family member who is sick or dies. The UC Referee and the UC Board of Review denied his application for backdating arguing that Falcone’s sick family members only distracted him from filing but because the Pa Code only required the Claimant to prove he had a sick family member, not to prove he was prevented from filing his claim for the first two weeks.

However, there are two or more conditions present and if the conditions prevent the claimant from filing the claim. However, the Commonwealth Court sustained the denial of backdating for the remaining additional four weeks because the Claimant did not prove any of the other reasons listed in the Pa. Code required two or more conditions for additional backdating.

Although the Commonwealth Court considered the possibility that multiple gravely ill family members may be sufficient to raise the possibility of backdating based on the illness of each family member, the Commonwealth Court found the Claimant failed to present this argument and he also failed to present evidence that he was .

The holding of the case makes it clear that Pennsylvania workers who have ill family members may backdate their UC claims up to two weeks with no additional proof required.

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Get a copy of your state's unemployment handbook or find one online.

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