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Cost of dendro dating site

Dendrochronological research in different parts of the Arctic may be helpful for better understanding of temperature and moisture trends.

Polar willow ( Wahlenb.) is one of the few species in the Norwegian High Arctic archipelago of Svalbard which can be used in dendrochronological studies.

Our results contradict the prior assumption that inter-annual tree growth variability of dwarf shrubs from polar regions is controlled simply by temperature.., 2011).According to the latest Global Climate Models (GCM) and Regional Climate Models (RCM) results, it is predicted that the air temperature in the Arctic will have increased between 5°C and 10°C in winter and 0°C and 2°C in summer during the next 100 years.New models simulate for almost all parts of the Arctic the increase of precipitation by 20–50% (Brönnimann, 2015; Przybylak, 2016).Earlier Arctic dwarf shrub research was mainly focused on age estimation and the analysis of wood anatomy (Warren-Wilson, 1964).Woodcock and Bradley (1994) showed the potential of arctic willow (.

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(2012) constructed the longest chronology, of nearly 200 years, for the High Arctic.