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But it could dissuade Zoosk's other members from engaging with them.It's similar, he says, to how Twitter users have learned not to trust unverified celebrity accounts. "If you're meeting four people on the platform and three have the badge, you start to question why the fourth person doesn’t have it."Of course, there are drawbacks to this tool, which Zadeh realizes.

Page 9: A Q&A with a police officer about dating safety, some facts on dating violence and a poll about the prevalence of sexting.Monitoring misrepresentation and bad conduct on text-based sites like Twitter is much tougher, as Twitter recently explained in a blog post.Still, Zadeh hopes more tech companies will join Zoosk in taking deliberate steps to solve these problems in advance, instead of doing damage control once it's already too late."We wanted to provide an easy and effective way to give our customers that confidence that when they meet someone there’ll be no surprises," he says."The rule of thumb is: if I saw this photo and saw the person in real life would I be surprised? It may sound like a small, and even superficial, feature.But now imagine that Facebook, which by its own admission has millions of fake profiles, developed something similar.

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Such a system could potentially save loads of Facebook users from falling prey to scammers and identity fraud.

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