Fisf dating sites

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Fisf dating sites

I don't mind people that can back up what they say but all this Fink guy wants is absense money.

He live in Canada, looks like a ddork, and claims to now have the largest dating site in the world.

The site is so full of angry, bitter women i feel sick when i have bothered to look at these forums.

I have kept hoping I might find some real information on the war of the sexs but there is so much negativity and hypocrasy, there is no way to find anything useful unless you have an iron stomach.

Just got a three-year ban on POF for the first forum infraction. (In other words, the site converted his graphic in such a way that it lost resolution and was now blurry as a result.) What did their admin suggest as the solution? Reviewing post after post this same admin ("Ticketoride" often tries to bully people into changing browsers for every lame reason you can think of! Here's the email I just sent to tech support on there but the odds are good that it's this same peon guy (who isn't the owner of the site). It looks like you have a problem with one of your admins, specifically Ticketoride.

If you post a comment or question, on of Marcus Fink (or whaterver his last name is) infamous moderators will most likely delete it unless you are a woman or a male lapdog to the women. Women think they rule the world yet complain they can't find dates.

So if you really want to see true insanity on a date site, go to plenty of fish.

The site is run by a Nazi who thinks you have to be 'worthy' to be date. And yet i see so many people say they have never found anyone that will go on a date.

One man wrote he had been on the site for two YEARS and no one was intersted. but I haven't had any trouble with the moderator or finding interested people..

And then thee are the men that complain the women only want sex. I would love to go one a date and the woman says why don't you come on over and we skip dinner and get down to buisness. I haven't had a real bad experience on plenty of fish yet. as far as certain women only wanting sex.are correct..

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