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"This is not 'Iphigenia in Tauris,' " said the witty Sophie Arnould, "but 'Iphigenia in champagne.' " She compensated afterwards, though, by singing the part with exquisite effect. While the Gluck-Piccini battle was at its height, an amateur who was disgusted with the contest returned to the country and sang the praises of the birds and their gratuitous performances in the following epigram : — " La n'est point d'art, d'ennui scientifique ; Piccini, Gluck, n'ont poiut note les airs.

Piccini's work, w^hen produced, was admired, but it stood no chance with the profound, serious, and wonderfully dramatic composition of his rival. Laguerre, to whom Piccini had trusted the role of Iphigenia, could not stand straight from intoxication.

Gaetan Yestris, the first of the family, known as the '•'■ Dieu de la Danse" and who held that there were only three great men in Europe, Frederick the Great of Prussia, Voltaire, and himself, dared to dictate even to Gluck. "Do you think the Greeks, whose manners we are endeavouring to depict, knew what a chaconne was ? " replied Vestris, astouislied at this news, PIC C INI, PAISIELLO, CIMAROSA.

The public bowed and cringed before these idols of the stage.

So, if you please, do me the kindness for to gut me a small slice of ham.' " At this instant a hasty footstep w^as heard on the stairs, accompanied by the humming of an air, all as gay as the HANDEL. The director excused himself on the plea of its being a royal command. Hardgasdle ; but it shall be all the fault wid himeself, if it shall be but in print, whether I was rowed by one votdermans or by two votdermans. " These French," he said, " are good enough people, but they make me Ipugh. " ' Veil, I thank you, gentlemen ; now I am at mein ease vonce more. It is very pold of me to gome to preak my fastd wid you uninvided; and I have brought along wid me a nodable abbetite ; for the wader of old Fader Dems is it not a fine pracer of the stomach ? voldermans or t^vo voldcrmans — whether I bull out mine burce for to pay von shil Hng or two ? I gannot go here, or I gannot go dere, but some one shall send it to some newsbaber, as how Misder Chorge Vrederick Handel did go somedimes last week in a votderman's wherrj^, to preak his fastd w4d ]^Iisder Zac. The witty and beautiful Sophie Arnould, who had a train of princes at her feet, was the principal exponent of Gluck's heroines, while Mdlle. The rival factions made the names of these charming and capricious women their war-cries not less than those of the composers. The gay capital was thronged with great singers, the traditions of whose artistic ability compare favourably with those of a more recent period.

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But the benefits of this pale gleam of wintry sunshine did not long remain.

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