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Posted by / 24-Oct-2017 21:04

I'd like to call it if I need it and otherwise never know it was there.Anyway, the problem is with the two way digital communication of HDMI and the EDID data.

– Start delay(s) – 0 – Next app delay – 3 (not used) – deselect Show notifications at boot-up – deselect Goto Home screen after autostart Exit Turn off the TV and turn it back on again.Sometimes the TV tells the computer what resolution it wants and the computer obliges.VGA, being analogue, only sends data one way, from the computer to the TV, so it doesn't know what the TV is doing.– ABC i View v2.0.0 – limited success but I haven't put a lot of time into it. Not sure if it's the same for everyone else, but after the Cinavision splash screen, I still see the home screen for a few seconds before it then switches to fullscreen.– Auto Start v2.1 (mentioned above) Paid apps I own but had to put on by APK – Plex v3.3.2 – works well except it squashes video that does not have "square" pixels, but this is a known bug with Plex on some Android devices. The problem with this for me is that sometimes my media centre picks up the lower resolution of the TV preview window on the menu screen, and changes resolution accordingly.

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